Teamsters Council #37
Federal Credit Union
Official Family

Board of Directors
Steve Pickle, Chair
Penny Sittner, Vice Chair
Jackie Davais, Treasurer
Michael Beranbaum
Rob Burke
Chris Campbell
Bill Elzie
Harry Glaus
Mark MacPherson

Supervisory Committee
Rob Burke, Chair
Quinn Webb
Open position

Credit Review Committee
Chris Campbell, Chair
Jackie Davais
Ben Vedus


Tommy Teamster wants you! If you’re a Teamster in a local affiliated with Teamsters Joint Council #37, you’re eligible to join Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union. This is great financial benefit for you, as it gives you access to lower cost loans, higher paying savings, and a wide range of banking services at little or no cost. You also gain a trusted financial partner in your credit union. We are member owned and not-for-profit, so your financial well being is our first concern.

About Us

Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union was formed in 1961 to make affordable loans to Teamsters. In the years since, we’ve made more than 125,000 loans to members, totaling over $360 million. Those loans were funded by our members’ pooled savings, which earn very competitive rates and are federally insured. Today nearly 8,000 members trust us with more than $47 million in combined savings.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Teamsters Credit Union (TCU) does not make money for outside stockholders. The members of the credit union—Teamsters and their families–are the owners, so all of our earnings are returned to them in the form of better rates, services, and financial security.

All of our employees are also Teamsters, and the credit union is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by their fellow members. Every decision reached by the Board and staff is based on what is best for the members. This “members first” commitment helps forge strong ties. TCU staff know and greet many members by name, and every member can count on receiving expert financial help and a great deal at their credit union!

Who Can Join

Those specifically eligible to join TCU as a “primary member” include working or retired members of a local affiliated with Teamsters Joint Council #37, and employees of those locals or the council. Most relatives by blood or marriage of a primary member are also eligible to join. Some restrictions and exceptions apply. Contact us if you need clarification. Once you join, you’re a member for life—even if you move or change employment—or until you decide to close your membership account.

Joining as an eMember is FREE!

  • When you join TCU, if you also sign up for eStatements (through our free Online Banking service), you qualify as an eMember. You don’t have to make a minimum deposit and you don’t have to pay a membership fee. In fact, we will put $5.00 in your account as a reward!
  • If you don’t sign up for eStatements you will need to pay a $5 membership fee.

How to Join

The easiest way to join TCU is online. Just use our online Signature Card (below). You may also join at any TCU office, or request a Membership Package be sent to you in the mail.

Signature Card (PDF)
Right click on the link to save the PDF file to your PC or Mac.

IMPORTANT: PDF forms require Adobe Reader 8.16 or higher. The current version can be downloaded here. At this time you cannot use a smart phone or similar mobile device to complete a PDF form.

1. Save your completed Signature Card (without signatures) on your computer.
2. Attach your completed Signature Card (without signatures) to the submission form below. It will be sent to us fully secured using industry standard SSL encryption. (Do not attach your it to email, which is not secure.)
3. When your membership is approved, we will return your Signature Card to you for signatures through our secure online system.

  • Please attach your completed Signature Card.
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.